The center...

was established in 1972 in Playa de Meloneras  and is therefore the oldest diving school on Gran Canaria. For more than 15 years the Diving Center Nautico is located in the hotel area of the IFA Interclub Atlantic in San Agustín.

Beside our friendly office and concurrent classroom you find our own workshop,  our big drying room, WC and the washing zone to clean and dry your own equipment.

Your first scuba lessons and scuba try outs start in the pool of the hotel with a depth until 180cm.  Afterwards we drive with our school carriages to the different diving spots.

Our center is equipped only with high-quality and as dood as new lending equipment of the brand manufactures like Scubapro, Aqualung, Mares, Apeks, Hollis und XDeep. We order more than approx. 80 compressed air tanks in the dimensions of 5 litres to 15 litres, one or two departures and of steel as well as aluminium. We always make sure that all our compressed air bottles regularly go to the visual check and always have a current inspection. Our core of the Coltri MCH-36 silent, which can be filled in a timely manner with 600 l / min at our filling station 7 compressed air cylinders at the same time, ensures clean and fresh air.

On account of our capacities diving groups are warmly welcome.

The Diving Center Nautico received the new and extended authorization from the Gobierno de Canarias in November 2013. This is valid for the next 5 years and thus the base has all the necessary papers such as a business registration, a pressure chamber contract, a compressor operating license, sufficient public liability insurance, certified emergency management, trained personnel, etc., and is one of the few legal diving schools in Gran Canaria. If a diving school can not prove this authorization, then this is not entitled to organize dive trips, to do diving courses or to operate a compressor.   We recommend every diver to check out before his vacation whether his desire diving school also has this kind of authorization!   In addition, we are officially authorized and trained to carry out regulator reviews and repairs for the regulators Scubapro, Aqualung and Apeks at our in-house workshop. authorization